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Board and Train

If you can't take your dog with you on vacation, don't put him in a kennel - send him to camp! In our reward-based transformational training program, he'll have fun while he learns basic obedience and good manners.

Board and Train is our most popular program. With our transformational packages your dog will live in our home 24/7 and will learn basic obedience as well as good manners. We will provide direct supervision. Your family pet will be observed, trained, and interacted with in a real home environment, so all of the issues your dog encounters in daily life will be addressed. All Board and Train programs include a meet and greet where we assess your dog beforehand and a 1-hour "train the owner" session when you pick up your best friend after his or her training.

With our 21-day program your dog should be able to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test if you so choose to have him evaluated.

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Training a dog on your own without any experience can be difficult and time consuming. Instead, let our professional dog trainer take on the challenge with our obedience one-on-one training sessions. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to help teach your dog basic commands, good manners, and more through positive training techniques. We can also assist you as a dog owner to develop a healthier and stronger bond with your dog.

Prior to enrollment in this program, we will assess your dog and develop a plan to address behavioral issues that will allow us to achieve your training goals together. In addition to any specific behavior modification goals, your dog will learn to stop the following habits:

  • explosive reactions
  • resource guarding
  • fearful reactions and cowering
  • destructive and self-harming behaviors when left alone
  • pulling on walks
  • counter surfing
  • leash biting
  • excessive barking and growling
  • jumping on people
  • running out the door

Board and Train Transformational Programs

  • Private Lessons Program*
  • 14-Day Board & Train Program*
  • 21-Day Board & Train Program*

       The 21 Day Board & Train Program
      In our most popular program, we do most of the work of training your dog and then also do the work of training you the owner to keep up with your dogs training. This is a great way to get your dog trained without having to deal with the time, frustration and repetitions needed to accomplish your dogs obedience training.
      With this program your dog will live in our home with us 24/7 and will learn to be  more obedient and well mannered. Your family pet will be observed, trained and interacted with in a real home environment, so that all of the issues your dog encounters in daily life will be addressed.
      I will be working several times daily to get your dog to the place where he or she can pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. I will also be working with you after your dog goes home to get you and your dog ready to pass the test. Or even if you choose to not have your dog tested, you will still have a much calmer, more well mannered best friend to live with for the rest of its life.
      This 21 day board and train program is typically completed in about 6 weeks (including your follow up lessons after the board and train) and will include the following results:
      •                Walking nicely in a loose leash at your left side. HEEL
      •                Remain on a dog bed or mat when directed until released. PLACE
      •                Return to you when called. COME
      •                Not to jump on you or your guests. OFF
      •                Not to grab things you are instructed to leave alone. LEAVE IT
      •                Not to move forward or bolt out of a crate or open door. WAIT
      •                To sit or down until released to move. SIT, DOWN
      •                Let go of items in your mouth. DROP IT
      •                Enter crate and remain inside calmly. NIGHT, NIGHT
      •                 To stop barking on command. NO SPEAK
      •                 To look at you and focus on you even in distractions. LOOK
      •                 To target the trainers hand or an object. TOUCH
      •                 To follow you and stay close on a long line. LETS GO/ STAY CLOSE
      •                AKC Canine Good Citizen Test Preparations
      •                Potty Bell Training
      Along with these results and outcomes this program also includes:
      ·      Life Time Support
      ·      Boarding Privileges
      ·      Group Saturday Polishing Classes/Pack Walks

      ·      Written Training Materials 

      .      Daily updates on your dogs progress including many videos and photos
      ·      Online Video Training thru Youtube to supplement what you learn from me

      .      Training Tools Included

      Includes all 21 day training, plus the required behaviors necessary to pass the AKC Good Citizen Test: (test not included)

      1. Accepting a friendly stranger
      2. Sitting politely for petting
      3. Appearance & grooming
      4. Walking on loose leash
      5. Walking through a crowd
      6. Sit & down on command/stay in place
      7. Coming when called
      8. Positive reaction to another dog
      9. Minimal reaction to distractions
      10. Supervised separation

      Each  21-day package comes with a complimentary "meet & greet" and three 1-hour private "owner" training lessons.

      * Please reach out to us for pricing.

  • Advanced Off Leash Training Program