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Dog Walking

With years of experience walking dogs, we know all the best routes to ensure that your canine companion receives a challenging and stimulating walk that best meets his individual needs. We select routes that will optimize the experience for your four-legged friend and will ensure that there is always enough time for some adventures and spontaneity along the way.

dogs sitting

We give your dog what research shows: a dog who exhibits less stress, separation anxiety and a positive social temperament.
Having your dogs walked provides your dog the chance to get exercise and the personal attention and affection they love.
We offer:
30 minute walks

1-2 walks per week $20/each
3-4 walks per week $18/each
5-6 walks per week/$16 each
45 minute walks
1-2 walks per week 25/each
3-4 walks per week $23/each
5-6 walks $21/each
Additional dog add $5.00 per walk.
You may schedule daily, weekly, or as-needed.
If you can't find time to walk your dog, we're here to help. When you hire us, you can be assured that your pet is in good hands!