Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q. What kind of training do you provide?

I am primarily a family dog obedience trainer.

I teach behavioral modification, impulse control, and overcoming separation anxiety and aggression. 

I will train your dog to have good manners and be a joy to live with.

I also teach basic agility, treadmill, and tricks. But obedience training is my specialty.

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 Q. What does "Lead By Love" mean?

That means that the best way to show and provide love to your dog is to lead them throughout life.

We teach the importance of balancing Leadership and Affection (Lead by Love). Most of us have no problem heaping tons of love and affection on our dogs. But without the balance of leadership, discipline, rules and obedience you are going to have a really messed up bratty dog that is not a joy to live with.

So we will be training you and your dog to balance:

  • Leadership/ Affection
  • Obedience/ Freedom

It will be simple, easy and yet quite challenging to do. However, you can do it!

 Q. I'm not sure which program is best for my dog. What do I do?

We will be happy to do a meet and greet to help assess where your dog is with his training needs. We will discuss the different programs and options and decide on dates for your dogs training. For new puppies we usually recommend at least a 14 day board and train. For older dogs many times a 10 day program will be sufficient. We recommend our 21 day program (or more) for dogs with aggression or fear issues.

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 Q. I'm interested in a Board & Train program. How do I sign up?

Start by filling out our "contact us" page and we will arrange a meet and greet to assess which Board and Train program would be best for your dog. Then simply complete the Registration and Waiver and a $100.00 deposit will secure the dates you choose.

 Q. What is it like for my dog when he is in a Board & Train program?

First of all your dog will love being here with us and the other dogs! Don't worry about him missing you. You will miss him more than he will miss you. He is kept busy playing and learning new things every day. We usually take a day to adjust and get to know each other and then on the 2nd day the training begins. One new behavior at a time builds upon the last! But in the end he will be very happy to see you again when his training is over. (He won't forget you)

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 Q. Do I need to be involved in the program in order for it to work?

Absolutely, yes. You will need to keep reinforcing all the new things your dog has learned. Dog discipline may be a new discipline for you and it is like any other discipline that you have in your life. If I am overweight but start eating better and working out, I will lose weight. But if I stop eating right and just sit around watching Netflix all day, the weight and poor health will return. Sorry, but its like that with your dog discipline to. You will need to stay with the program I will lay out for you and your dog. The whole family needs to be on the same page. And I'll be there to help, encourage you, and answer any questions you may have.

 Q. What type of training philosophy do you adhere to?

That question really should have a long answer but I'm going to try and give you a short one.

I am what is referred to as a Balanced Trainer. Balanced trainers believe that to have a well, adjusted obedient dog you need to teach him both "Yes" and "No". More than any other command words I use those two words the most to teach a dog what to do and not do. I am not a "Purely Positive" trainer. My training is about 90% positive and 10% negative. This means that when I'm training a dog to do something I like, I reward him positively with things like, food, treats, toys, praise and the word, "Yes". I use a clicker for much of that type of training. (Especially for learning new tricks.) But to stop unwanted behaviors I use corrections with prong collars, e-collars and simply the word "No".
Note: If you are looking for a "Purely Positive " trainer then I am not your guy. But please be wary of any one who claims to be "Purely Positive" because there really is no such thing. Any time you put any type of collar and leash on a dog you are now no longer purely positive. You are using negative tools to direct the dog. You parents out there, please just imagine what your kids would be like today, if for their whole life you just always said yes to whatever they wanted, with out ever saying "No". Well it's the same with dogs. We should be primarily positive but still correct for behaviors we don't want them to possess. Yes and No!

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 Q. Do you provide any follow-up support or owner education?

Yes, lots. I am just a text or phone call away and will be happy to answer any questions you may have going forward on this journey called, "Dogs"! I will also be sending you supplemental articles, videos and book recommendations. Plus you will have access to our "Friends of Lead by Love" Facebook group to ask questions and receive answers to any issues you are facing with your dog.

But wait there's more:

We give boarding priority to Friends of Lead By Love group members/clients. As you have learned we are a small operation and only take on a few dogs at a time. But since your dog has been trained by me, we will give him priority on choosing dates for both boarding and additional training in other areas. Feel free to give me a call or text to work out the details.