dogs sitting together

"I took my 4 month old puppy Chloe to Lead by Love for their 14 day puppy training program. Even though it was hard to leave Chloe for that time, Steve took the best care of her. Chloe came back a new puppy! Lead by Love did an amazing job giving Chloe the fundamental training she needed alongside training us as well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for dog and/or puppy training!"

(Casey S. 1-20)


dogs sitting together

"I sent my Goldendoodle Puppy Bella for obedience training and I'm so impressed. I've had her back a day and I can't believe what a difference I see. She's calm, she listens, and I can just see how eager she is to please me. I can't recommend this program enough, and the investment is well worth it. Thank you Steve at Lead By Love."

(Patricia B. 1-20)


dogs sitting together

"Before we took Zeus to Steve, he would not listen and would chew up every thing, since he has spent time with Steve he is a changed dog. Zeus is enjoyable to be with and to play with, and the investment in training was money well spent."

(Ben M. 1-20)

Duke with Kodak & Canon

dogs sitting together

"Lead by Love is amazing. Steve helped us so much with our GIANT lab who was a good boy but had very little manners. We dropped off Duke at Lead By Love for 10 days and it has been life-changing. Duke is so well-behaved. He is a dream to walk on the leash. (This 100-pound, 10 month-old). He doesn't pull, he listens to the commands we were taught by Steve. Not only did Steve train Duke, but he cared for him and brought him into his family and that is what made me most comfortable leaving Duke for 10 days. I was worried Duke would be sad and by the time I was picking him up, he had it so good that I was worried he might not want to come home :)! We had an exceptional experience with Lead By Love and we are all working hard to maintain all the training that went into Duke. It was worth every single penny!"

(Kristen L. 6-18)


dogs sitting together

"Steve..can't thank you enough! You are a pro! Biggie is a changed dog!"

(Eric G. 1-18)

"I can't recommend Lead By Love highly enough. Steve and Mary fully potty trained our yorkie poo pup while we were on vacation and we haven't had an accident since we brought him home. Now he sits, stays, heels, goes to "place" and happily sleeps in his kennel at night. Most importantly, I could tell he was well adjusted and happy during his stay. I only wish I could leave my kids with them for our next vacation! Thanks so much Steve and Mary, we could not be happier."

(Jessica G. 1-18)


dogs sitting together

"We recently had our dog, Sydney at Steve's board & train for 10 days. We were a little apprehensive initially but it turned out to be a wonderful experience for her. Steve is a true professional and loves dogs. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and soft spoken. Steve had a plan for Sydney and followed through. He sent updates, videos, and pictures which we looked forward to. Steve provided lots of reading materials and websites for us which was very helpful. He is always available if we have questions and I would highly recommend anyone looking for training to contact Steve for his skills and guidance."

(Noel N. 10-17)


dogs sitting together

"Best service in the area. I dropped my 11 week old rambunctious German Shepard puppy, Hachi off for the board and train and he came back a whole new dog! He listens, he's potty trained, heel, sit stay, leave it.... you name it, he can do it!! Best of all my girls can finally play with the dog without him nipping and jumping. Steve and his wife love what they do and you can tell by how they interact with your dog. Steve sent pictures, updates and videos on a daily basis. If you had any concerns Steve was there to answer your questions. At the very end you even get a goody bag! Steve is highly skilled working with dogs and I can't recommend this service enough."

(Rosanna T. 10-18)


dogs sitting together

"We would highly recommend Steve as a dog trainer. We brought our dog Riley home after 8 days with Steve and what a difference. We rescued Riley from an animal shelter and quickly discovered that Riley's previous owners had allowed him to develop a couple of bad habits. After time with Steve, Riley is much more obedient and follows our commands. We were also delighted that Steve took time to teach us how to handle our dog after training."

(Linda & Norm R.11-17)


dogs sitting together

"Steve and Mary have been walking our Newfoundland, Graceland, for a little over a month now. They are fabulous. Gracie loves her new friends and we are very glad we found them!"

(Kieta S. 1-18)


dogs sitting together
dogs sitting together

We have a new puppy and dropped him off for 10 days to get basic training. We were amazed when we picked up our pup. He was so well behaved and could sit, stay, come, heel, etc. Steve did a great job and is a pleasure to work with. He sent pictures and videos while Leo (our pup) was away from home. I highly recommend Lead by Love Dog Care.

(Betsy S. 4-18)


dogs sitting together

"Lead By Love Dog Care is great for so many reasons, but some of my favorite are that it's close to home, personal, and they're good at what they do. I live in the Chicagoland area myself so it is a fairly short drive to this cute little neighborhood in Palatine. My princess, Bella, came out with a much better attitude and is much more willing to not only obey, but be trained more. They're good at what they do because they train your dogs in the areas that you have troubles with and make them much more home-trained, rather than kennel-trained. 5/5, would recommend. :)"

(Ceilidh M. 1.19)